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Windygirk of the beautiful Streamer +500 photos


Windygirk of the beautiful Streamer +500 photos

The Very Sexy website is pleased to bring you the Windigirk rikolino pack, one of the most famous and controversial YouTubers is Latin America named Katherine Cal Afú. She was born in the Republic of Panama, she began her career in the world of video games as a champion of Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii. After this, she began her channel on YouTube where she has already accumulated more than 3 million followers, being the first Panamanian to reach that figure. She has been banned from various streaming services such as Facebook Live and Twicth, for which she currently does her live shows through TikTok has been involved in controversy for being against the sexualization of women, knowing that she herself uses sexualization to gain notoriety in the videos or live shows she makes.

She is a close friend of the controversial Mexican youtuber Maxivergas who calls her La Luna Bella of the gameplays with this previous one and the Spanish Youtuber el Rubius was involved in a harassment controversy. With the also Youtuber AriGameplays she has had friction trying at some time that she was also banned from Facebook Live.

Windygirk  of the beautiful Streamer +500 photos


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Windygirk  of the beautiful Streamer +500 photos

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